Mothers Day

Live entertainment with Patelvis.

Mothers Day Menu


The menu showcases the best of South Asian cuisine (Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Nepalese and Thai) using an exciting blend of traditional and modern cooking methods. With a passion for Indian food at the highest possible level you will be sure to leave Shampaan with an unforgettable experience.


Indian cooking is known for it's spicy though not necessarily hot cuisine. By using a greater range of herbs and spices than any other cuisine in the world. The spices used most frequently includes garlic, ginger, chilies, cloves & coriander. Curry would simply not be curry without these ingredients and the chef's expertise.


Reserve a table and dine with some fine wine and mouth watering cuisine. Soak up the ambience in elegant surroundings.


Enjoy sumptious restaurant food in the comfort of your home. Phone in your order to save you time.


Put a smile on someone's face gift them one of our Spicy Gift Vouchers. Only available at the Shampaan restaurant.